Alternative Medicine as a Solution

February 7, 2009

Alternative MedicineIn the new era of Globalization, medicine also has important role as a part of human invention, but this new era is also followed by the new disease or illness that hasn’t discovered before and current troubles are worst because of virus,parasite or bacteria that immune of medicine . Thus, cost of medical treatment is really high, and it is really an obstacle for people that doesn’t have much money. So that, Alternative medicine maybe the right solution to solve the problem. In fact, because of the effectiveness of alternative medicine is growing popular, many people from every background use that as the main solution.

Now days, to support the alternative medicine, people also do healthy treatment or therapy as a part of healing. The therapy such as Akupresur (physiotherapy massage) Akupuntur ( needle therapy) reflexology ( feet massage) etc. in now common for people around the world. The new alternative therapy Holy Palm is also now present for those people who is seeking a new better treatment. This new way of treatment combines between Pray ( every belief ) trust, transfer positive energy and action for example slap, full-blooded and massage. The Shinsei (master) is the main role of this procedure. Shinsei Awi the founder of Holy Palm said that his skill is a gift from God, and those who are belief in that God is healing from Shinsei Awi’s hand would be cured from every illness.

So, Will you use the alternative medicine shortly? it’s your decision to do, but why do you think twice of expensive treatment rather than alternative medicine as your main way of fighting your disease and illness.


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