Why Holy Palm

February 9, 2009

Positive EnergyHave you wondered about of being cured from a kind of sickness that require expensive medical treatment and get troublesome procedures that make you tired and thinking that you never be able to recover from your illness?

Instead of wasting your energy, you can try Holy Palm to be your second chance hope to try.  Holy Palm is not a fuss treatment. Its a kind of therapy that makes your blood circulation flow smooth over your body. Effectively, this smooth action will automatically battle illness,disease even infection without any medicine help. So, negative effects of the medicine will not harm your body as well as your antibody. For some people especially in Indonesia, this treatment sometimes to be thought for a “black magic ritual practice” and useless but Holy Palm is “white” treatment. Shinse ( Master) Awi the founder of Holy Palm said that Holy Palm is a treatment that transfer positive energy ( chi)  straight forward from his back palm by “slapping” (for Indonesian is “Kepret”) the blood circulation point of a patient. So, there is no “witchcraftt” action practice to fear.

Shinse Awi also said that his treatment is not a thing that cure an illness for only one instant action. You must be routine get “slap” to be healed. The Holy Palm practice also needs patience. The slap will hurt, yes you will hurt a lot and sometimes you will scream as well as groaning why this therapy hurting so much. Well, it depends on you “will” now. You can choose between expensive medicine or Holy Palm, oh wait the practice of the Holy Palm is not a commercial practice, if you are willing to pay, you can give some money on your will, if not, you can leave without paying. You can said ” It must be nuts”, ” Why the Shinse ( Master) doesn’t have standard fee?”

the answer is”Holy palm serves to help“.

You can try Holy Palm if you feel that you are no hope and will not again to spend wasteful costs for your current medical treatment.
If you believe in God (from any background religion), you can pray while being treatment. You can combine God’s will and Holy Palm together, as it is said:
Ora et Labora ( Pray and Work ).


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